Laurel and Hardy Lookalikes are available for Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Grand Openings, Product Launches and Trade Shows etc.  As seen on TV.  Tel: 07977 008 546 – graham-rob@sky.com – www.lookalikesmagic.com 

Gary Slade – Stan and Robbie Graham – Ollie are available all over the UK and also outside the UK providing all fees, travel, accommodation and expenses are paid.  Wedding Awards Finalist 2018. 

Professional Laurel and Hardy Lookalikes will amaze your guests with their close-up magic. They will meet and greet your guests, pose for photos and they will entertain with close-up magic. They have been a comedy duo for over 15 years and have entertained at thousands of indoor and outdoor events all over the UK and abroad.

They book on a first come, first serve basis. A small deposit is required to save the dateThey provide lots of unforgettable moments and amazing photo opportunities as guests react to them.  

Add a touch of magic to your party.They will welcome your guests, pose for photos and get your guests involved with their close-up magic which provides plenty of laughs and a very memorable evening for everyone.  They are a great addition to any event. Having two that look, sound and perform as Laurel and Hardy is the ultimate party piece.  Your guests will be talking about them for years to come.

Walkabout Entertainment – They will walk about entertaining with close-up magic, pose for photos with the public  and the media.  They are a great way to interact directly with the public.  They attract attention, pose for photos and they will hand out company material.

Tel: 07977 008 546 – graham-rob@sky.com – www.lookalikesmagic.com